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Welcome to the World of Culinary Buddy™

Thank you for purchasing the Culinary Buddy™ professional grade food presentation kit. We are
delighted you have chosen to enhance the level of culinary presentation with new and delicious

The Culinary Buddy™ was an idea that was born from my passion for food during my travels in
Europe. My family operates five star hotel programs throughout Europe and especially Italy. I
have spent a great deal of time in some of the finest European kitchens working with chefs on the
importance of making food that not only tastes good, but looks great as well.

Professional chefs have created food displays that have been enjoyed for hundreds of years. We
eat with our eyes as well as with our stomachs. Until now, creating these beautiful masterpieces
in your kitchen was a difficult skill that took years of practice. However, with the Culinary Buddy™
kit, you can start immediately! The process is simple and easy to use everyday.

We believe food is a self-expression and a creative outlet that we all should enjoy. Meals should
be entertaining, enjoyable, and above all a culinary experience. Culinary Buddy™ is there as your
“Sous Chef” making it easy to customize your meals with your style and flare, which is limited only
by your imagination, and above all, you can create a dish that you can confidently say is,

The Culinary Buddy™ transforms regular dull meals into extraordinary displays, making even simple
recipes into a sensual, delicious, and eye appealing dining experience. It makes preparing and
serving the food fun for the entire family. Even young people can join in and create a “MADE BY
ME” plate that they can be proud of.

This simple Instruction Booklet is filled with the instructional information and wonderful recipes
developed by our in-house staff who love and use the Culinary Buddy™ tools on a daily basis.

Creatively Yours!
Aaron Mink
Founder and creator of
Culinary Buddy™ Corp.